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Hey everyone!

A few weeks ago, my friends IGGY & JONES VENDERA contacted me and asked me if I was interested in recording an acoustic cover of their new song FREE ft. Kris Kiss (who wrote the lyrics and performed the original vocals for the song).
As I mainly write rock/metal songs I was a little uncertain at first… but as soon as they send me the song I had a vision in my head and wanted to face this challenge.
So I gave it a shot and here is what it turned out like!

Please enjoy.
(my cover version will be available on Spotify very soon)

You can find the original Song and artists here:
Check them out!!!

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Free Official Lyric Video

Thanks once again for asking me!
I had so much fun.

As usual I arranged, recorded, produced and mixed my version of the song by myself, using Logic Pro X. In case you are wondering if I learned how to play the violin… the disappointing answer is no … all the „orchestral-stuff/arrangement“ was programmed with Kontakt 5. As well as the drums and some piano sounds. For all the drum sounds I used the „Matt Halpern Signature Pack“ and Smash and Grab“ (V2) by GetGoodDrums. The Mastering on this song was done by Iggy, who did a great job.If you have more questions about my recording or mixing techniques or want me to cover one of your songs, feel free to contact me.

This absolutely brilliant music video was (as always) done by the almighty Fave, who also designed the cover art. We really wanted to capture some „live-vibes“, and I think it turned out great. The scenes were shot in the Multiple Mind Studios, in my hometown near Freiburg. Which is also the magical place, I started my first band projects when I was way younger and made all kinds of good memories. I also really recommend checking out The Fave’s own channel and videos. Do not hesitate to contact this wonderful (and insanely talented) human being via:


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GOODBYE - Official Video